Sunday, June 24, 2012

Off and running!

This weekend, I got started on the wedding quilt for my oldest (by all of six minutes!) daughter. She is getting married two months from today, and we are all very excited for them both. My daughter is a little bit, ahem...particular, about her likes and dislikes, so I asked her for ideas about the colours she wanted to use and the type of design she wants. She chose a palette of blue-greens, green, brown, and grey. A few of the prints she chose contained a bit of yellow, so there is a little bit of that as well. I used the red Henna Garden print to bind a quilt with a similar palette not long ago, so I threw it alongside the pieces to see if she might like it, which she does. These 2-patch units will become the 344 four-patches required in this quilt. I was short a few lights, but they are in the mail and will be here this week.I threw what I had done so far into a plastic bin so as not to lose them amongst all the other pieces and projects in my sewing room.

The sun has been playing hooky a lot around here lately but it burst through the clouds just before supper and the sky was a glorious shade of blue. I was so excited to grab my camera and zip outside to take this photo.

I have worked on another couple of projects this week. I am slowly but surely piecing blocks out of charm squares for another quilt, and I put together some placemats and got the binding on them this week. I am finished hand sewing the binding down on one, just three more to go. I hope to bring them outside for a photo shoot a little later this week.

It was a restful, enjoyable weekend. Next weekend is a long weekend here in Canada - July 1 is Canada's birthday but a lot of us will get Monday the 2nd off in lieu. I am looking forward to it!


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