Sunday, June 3, 2012

At the garden centre...

I am so excited for this weekend to have come (and nearly gone, at this point!) because it has been a very busy couple of months. I really like the work I do and am very blessed to have the opportunities I do and the amount of work I have had, but I have to say, I am really thankful to have a few major projects and deadlines behind me as of Friday evening!

The first order of business, after cleaning my house, was to make a trip to the garden centre. The general rule of thumb around here is plants should not be put out (nor gardens planted) until after May 24. Well, the week of May 24 around here was cold and unpleasant and we still had a couple overnight frost warnings to be mindful of. So between the cool temps and the big pile of work, I held off visiting the greenhouse.

I think going to the garden centre is a lot like visiting a quilt shop. I tend to spend some time ahead of going to plan out what I'd like to get. I think about the plants I would like to combine in containers and I think about what worked well last year. We live in a condo so my gardening happens in pots and containers. I have not explored perennials, so each year, I replant my little garden with new bedding out plants. This year, I decided to consult Pinterest for some new ideas; it is a great resource, but I have to warn you, it's very easy to spend a long time looking at all the different garden and container ideas!

The containers are a great hit of colour out on our front steps. I'm hoping we get some nice growing conditions and that my planters fill in over the next couple of weeks, but just having them out there in their newly planted "sparseness" makes me smile.

My other chore this weekend has been to tidy up my sewing room. My space is 5' wide by 8' deep and I share it with the washer and dryer. The really cool thing is my husband is a finish carpenter and cabinet maker, so even though the space is fairly small, he's been great about building in counter tops and shelving which helps me maximize what I have. I decided to organize my stash using Jenny's method and it's coming along really well but wow, it is taking FOREVER! I suppose I only have myself to blame, after all, how else did all that fabric get there? I am still undecided about incorporating my older stash, such as my Thimbleberries, Kansas Troubles, and my 30's fabrics. It looks neat to see everything stacked up. I have sewn a few blocks as well and hope to post some progress later this week.

What a lovely, almost summer weekend here on the prairie!


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