Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strippy baby quilt - finished!

I am really excited to have finished a project! This is my strippy baby quilt, inspired by Ashley at Film in the Fridge and quilted using Holly's wavy line technique from Bijou Lovely.

It was so fun to make this quilt, and so simple. I hung it over the railing on our back deck because we had a mini-blizzard last night, and while the snow has melted, the grass is still pretty sloppy and wet. I didn't want to lay my brand new quilt in that mess! I took a second photo of the quilt hung over the rail in "landscape" orientation (and I love that we all know what that means!) to show all the strips together.

The quilt is in the wash right now - we have several pets living in this house and my quilts tend to pick up animal hair along the way to being complete. Lucy, our elder beagle, decided to curl up real close as I finished stitching the binding down today. I really like pulling a freshly washed new quilt out of the dryer - the crinkly look is so neat!

The new week is just about here. I recently moved over to another department at work and was just assigned an office a couple days ago. It needs some decor. Something exciting I found out is that our Program Assistant is a quilter! I told her I am as well and she whipped out her iPhone to show me her latest finish. This was with about 15 minutes left in a strategic planning session we had on Friday. Our poor boss rolled her eyes and knew she'd lost both of us then and's going to be so nice to have a quilter across the hall at work! Do you think she'd complain if I set a sewing machine up on my desk at the office?


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