Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colorblock Quilt!

I am really excited to have been able to finish a second quilt for my Rotary club's silent auction tonight. This is a brand new hot-off-the-press pattern by Holly over at Bijou Lovely. The pattern is called Colorblock Quilt. This pattern is fat quarter friendly and goes together really quick. I think a beginner could easily take this project on with confidence and a more experienced quilter will appreciate having a quick project in the wings. It would be a great pattern for showcasing large-scale prints, too. Can you picture it in Christmas fabrics, draped over an arm chair? I wish my photo was a bit better, as the colours are really pretty in person.

No, the corners are not rounded off; that is just me being in a hurry to get a photo taken this morning so I could get down to help set up at the auction. I didn't realize what a sloppy job I did laying it out until I got home and looked at the pictures. 

I tried an "art" shot as well:

I like how this picture turned out!

My sewing room is a mess. I didn't stop between quilts to organize my scraps or put anything away, and it shows. And, what did I do last night, after I finished the binding on this baby quilt? It sure wasn't cleaning up my sewing room....I pulled some fabrics for another quilt! A bit larger one, this time. I've had my Winter Sherbet quilt out on the couch in the living room since early this year, but with the sun coming out now and more and more blue sky, I'm wanting something a bit brighter, to go with the weather. I have a partially-raided bundle of Central Park fat quarters and I'm using one of those prints as inspiration. I'm not sure this will be next on my to-do list, but it sure was fun playing with those fabrics.  This coming week, I am teaching a course with an officer who I've been working with the last several years - he is an excellent instructor and it's a real honour to get to work with him. I need to finish getting organized so we can get going first thing Monday morning; after that, I think I can go play in the sewing room!

Happy weekend!



  1. What a cute little quilt and I love how the binding pops!!

    I found you via the Calgary Quilting Guild website (thats been pretty quiet lately!!) and am now a follower.

  2. Hopping over from Bijou the red binding on this colorblock quilt! Great job:)

  3. Commenting again to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out here: