Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Progress....and a new (to me) website

We went out of town for Easter and then had a busy start to the week but I am very excited to have had some time in the sewing room today. The project at hand is a baby quilt I am donating for an upcoming silent auction. I am making my first strip quilt and I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process thus far. The top went together so quickly - just right for when there isn't a lot of time to sew.

It's windy all the stinkin' time tonight here so I had to snap my picture quickly. I'd get the top laying nice and flat against the back fence and then a breath of wind would come by and pick up a corner! I managed to get a photo that 
shows the entire top.

The backing fabric for the baby quilt is in the dryer now; I'm going to check if I have a big enough piece of batting and hopefully, get it quilted tomorrow. 

I tripped into a new website yesterday. It's called Threadbias and it's your own online sewing design studio. I registered and plan to use the site as a bit of a journal, to keep track of the things I make. I haven't explored it very much yet but if you want to check it out, go here. I know I don't really need another internet haunt to spend time at, but 
this one does look pretty cool.

The Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight. My husband is a huge hockey fan which means there will be hockey on every single night for the next several weeks. I follow, but not nearly as closely as he does. We're going to cross our fingers that Vancouver was only using last year as a practice run for the cup - Go, Canucks, Go!!


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  1. Fun quilt! Thanks RE: the new site - I'll check it out.