Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping Up

It's really the end of 2011, isn't it? I feel like December went by so quickly, but I think I say that every year. Christmas with friends and family was wonderful. New Year's Eve will be (thankfully) quiet; we are ringing in the new year by going to brunch at my son and daughter-in-law's home and then taking in a live performance of Beauty and the Beast. 

I had it in mind to make a few gifts for Christmas this year and am pleased to be able to say I was able to make it a reality. A quilt each for my daughter's boyfriends and pillowcases to match, plus, a pillowcase for the stocking of my son's friend who joined us on Christmas day. I am planning a few more for next year, which totally justifies the post-Christmas sale fabric shopping I have been doing, doesn't it?

The quilt in the photo is a lap-sized Yellow Brick Road featuring fabrics from Emily Herrick's Going Coastal line, supplemented from my own collection. It was machine quilted by a young quilt designer who lives in an adjacent town. She is just getting her longarm business started and I was happy to be able to support her new venture. She did a large, looping meander all over the top; I think it perfectly echoes the sand dollar motifs on the quilt backing. This quilt will be staying in the family as the recipient proposed to my daughter before Christmas! She is very excited, and we are as well. You can see the snow we had on the ground the day this photo was taken; by Christmas Day, it was all but gone.

The end of the year is hours away. They (whoever "they" are) say that whatever it is you spend New Year's Day doing is what you will be doing all year. I will be enjoying time spent with family and the arts - I have much to look forward to if there is any credence to this statement!

A blessed and peaceful New Year to all!



  1. I love how scrappy your quilt is and I agree, the quilting is perfect!

  2. Love the Yellow Brick road quilt in the photo. The plaid border is wonderful. - Jen