Sunday, December 18, 2011

A New Stocking

The list of projects I'd like to finish for Christmas includes several stockings. This is the first one I've finished this year; it is for my daughter's boyfriend. My daughter was very excited to show it to him but I guess he didn't have the same over-the-top reaction as she had to her new stocking - it's a guy thing, I'm not too worried about it. For them, I'm sure a stocking is much more interesting on Christmas morning when it is packed with goodies. For this stocking, I sewed together leftover charm squares and other scraps which I cut to be 5" square. I quilted 1/4" away on both sides of each seam. The back of the stocking is solid green and is quilted as well. I only sandwiched the outside fabric and batting before I quilted. This allows me to create a separate lining which I can use to turn the stocking inside out. I slipstitch the opening closed after I turn it and voila - no seams are showing inside, or out! I also put a label inside for the recipient - that probably helps Santa out when he comes to fill the stockings!

I am putting the binding on another gift quilt today. I enjoy being able to sit and stitch by hand. It's a welcome break when things get busy at this time of year.

We have snow falling today though the weather forecast says we will not be having a white Christmas. The last couple of winters have brought us plenty of snow; I think I'm okay with having less this time around.

Enjoy the season!


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