Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa stopped by

I came home after a long day at work last week to find a package waiting for me. I was delighted to find a swap gift inside. An online quilt group I belong to usually does a swap at Christmas time. My gift came to me all the way from Kansas. Terri made me a lovely table runner which happens to fit perfectly on my brand new coffee table. We've been doing some renovations around here and it seemed a good time to consider new furniture for the living room. The last time I bought some was when my daughters were born - they are 20 now! Our family is growing and I wanted to have comfortable seating for everyone so I found a sectional, coffee table, and wall unit which work just perfectly in our small condo and a store that could get me the goods in time for Christmas. Jackpot! I'm proudly showing off my new runner here. Thank you, Terri, for making such a perfect gift for me!

In between marking final assignments and the painting and furniture arranging I have managed a bit of sewing. I am helping Santa out by sewing a few new stockings to be filled. I'll post pictures here when I get some. The tree is up but not decorated yet - we're waiting for one of my daughters to get home from university this weekend so she can help to trim the tree. She's a Forestry major and rather opinionated - I wonder what she'll say about this year's specimen?

It's almost the shortest day of the year. Where I live, that means the sun won't be fully up until nine o'clock in the morning or so and it will easily be dark by 4:30. The great thing about that is the days will only be getting longer from there out!

See you soon.


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