Monday, February 3, 2014

A Charley Harper pillow

Over the course of a couple evenings last week I made a pillow for my living room using a fun Charley Harper print I had purchased specifically for that purpose. I knew I wanted something very simple and I figured the print was interesting enough on it's own, so in the end, I did not piece anything, I just cut a square of fabric and called it good.

I wanted to make the top interesting, though, so I came up with a quilting design that mirrored the angle of the leaves in the print. I put my ruler down along one "line" of leaves and marked a straight line. From there, I just drew lines 3/4" apart in both directions until my square was covered. I like the denseness of the quilting; it adds a nice body to the project.

I wanted a zipper closure for the back which I hid under a flap of contrasting solid fabric.

It's sitting on the couch now, offering itself up, occasionally, as a throne for one rather indulged beagle. I like how it turned out although I am going to change out the pillow form inside. I have a preference for feather-filled pillow forms and since nobody in our house is allergic, I use them in all my pillows. As it happened, I didn't have one on hand but I plan to pick one up (and a couple extra) next time I make it to Ikea (they are a good price there).

Another project done early in the year. Yay!



  1. That is really cute and the quilting is cool.

  2. I've not got my hands on any of those fabrics yet but I'd like to. Charlie Harper looks very intriguing any time I've seen it made up