Sunday, December 1, 2013

Warm heart

Although I live in Canada and our Thanksgiving celebration was several weeks ago I do recognize this week has been a time to slow down, appreciate, and be grateful for all we have. I thought it was rather timely, then, when I received an email that started like this:

"I was the recipient of the gorgeous quilt delivered to me here in High River.   

I cannot tell you all enough how much that meant to me. Aside from the fact it is absolutely gorgeous, it bring tears to my eyes each time I walk into the living room and see it. Just knowing that as you ladies stitched it you were thinking of me is so incredibly overwhelming and it is such an act of kindness., I truly thank you all so much for it.

Please forward this e-mail on to all the ladies who were a part of this.. and from the bottom of my heart, God Bless you all for your kindness."

This lovely lady lives in a small town called High River which devastated by floods that wreaked havoc from the Rocky Mountains to Calgary to High River and beyond in June of this year. This lady lost her home, but her email goes on to say her family was safe and had a place to stay, and she is grateful through all of it as so many others had it so much worse. The quilt she is referring to came from the ladies in the Happiness circle of Do Good Stitches; I am so honoured and humbled to be part of this group.

She wanted me to have a photo of the quilt being much loved in her home by everyone, including those with fur.

Many of us are quick to respond when help is needed. Be it helping to make a quilt, donating our time and/or money to a good cause, or getting in there with our hands to do the work, there are so many who think nothing of saying "what do you need me to do?" when a call for help comes (and sometimes, well before the call is made). So often, those we help don't know who we are or where to find us, but I am certain their heart is filled with the same thankfulness expressed in the email I received. So today, I am sharing her message of thankfulness with everyone. THANK YOU, all, for being the beautiful part of humanity we don't laud often enough. May gratitude and appreciation sustain you through this holiday season and beyond.


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