Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Part 1

Although I would call myself a quilter with a preference for modern fabrics and designs, I must admit, I just plain like fabric - a lot (except batiks, at least not yet). Having said that, I can be a bit of a snob, using only "modern" with "modern" and "traditional" with "traditional" and never shall the two meet up in the same quilt - no way.

And yet this weekend, as I jumped right in with both feet to join a quilt along that requires me to dig into the scrap bins, I found myself increasingly enamoured with the less-than-homogeneous blocks I was creating. In fact, I really, REALLY like them:

This is step one of a mystery quilt called Celtic Solstice. Bonnie Hunter is a rock star when it comes to managing fabric and scraps and she has graciously put together this mystery project for all to enjoy. You might not like scraps, you might not like the way she mixes her fabrics, but you cannot fault her enthusiasm and her ability to teach when it comes to quilting. The Energizer bunny has nothing on this lady!

By the way, there are 188 blocks up there, every last one of them made with nothing but scraps!

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  1. Way to go Erica, they look amazing, can't wait to see how this mystery unfolds and your quilt emerges.
    Nancy in SC

  2. Love your scraps, and the pieces you've sewn look great!

  3. Hey, that's exactly what I did today too! I just have to finish sewing on the second triangle for half the blocks, press them, and I'm done!


  4. Your colors and fabrics are great! This mystery is already fun!