Sunday, July 21, 2013


I've been having fun working on some projects for the Modernista swap going on over at Flickr. I am new to this swap (not sure how long it has been going on) and the theme this time has been "the bedroom".

My big project was a 24" throw pillow cover which I did in my partner's colours (blue, purple, green) in a courthouse steps design. I made each block individually so I could make sure my steps matched the adjacent block - it didn't take long at all and I didn't have to repeat any of the fabrics in the top.

For my small gift, I made a bunting using similar colours; my partner had given she might like one with the word "LOVE" on it. By checking out her Flickr photos and her blog I also learned Kate Spain is one of her favourite designers so I used a Central Park scrap in my partners colours to make the heart in the middle.

I tucked in some coordinating fat quarters and wrapped it all up in Jeni Baker's Lined Drawstring Bag in the Project size. I had another fat quarter of Central Park on hand and it was just enough. I finished it really late Friday night and didn't remember to get a photo of it yesterday morning before I ran the package over to the post office, but it turned out super cute.

I have a couple of fun projects coming up this week which hopefully I will get done to the point of having something to show. I love summer, I love summer weekends - time to go and enjoy a bit of both.


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  1. Your courthouse steps remind me of chinese lanterns! Great colors.