Monday, July 1, 2013

City Sampler - Blocks 16, 17, and 18

Happy Canada Day!

Last year, I purposely made a red and white project in honour of my country's birthday; this year, no red to be seen:

When the TP City Sampler sewalong got started I was on a roll making one block every day. For 16 days. And then life just kept happening and I guess I lost my mojo. No biggie, I told myself, I'm way ahead anyway. Until today. Yikes! Thankfully, the blocks this week are dead simple and didn't take a lot of time. Oh how I wish every Monday were a day off! Glorious, glorious long weekends - I love you!

The good thing is, I'm caught up again (for the moment) on this project. Summer is finally here (yay!) and so are the hot temperatures. I really like the sun and the heat but I do wish I lived closer to a body of water - either a nice pool or a lake - but they are a bit more difficult to come by here on the prairie. Thankfully, my sewing room is down in the basement, where it is encased in (mostly) concrete walls and a tile floor, all of which help keep it cool. I really don't like that in the winter when it is -20 degrees outside but this week, it's a great place to hang out!

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  1. We are getting that book into the shop. Can't wait ; ) Beautiful blocks

  2. Love your blocks! And how you are numbering them - cool!

  3. Ooh, I really like the color scheme you have going here! I need to get caught up on my blocks!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful! I adore the colours you've used!