Friday, January 18, 2013

Work avoidance

I really do have a wonderful job which allows me to come and go between my office on campus and my office at home with great flexibility. I won't try to describe my job because what I do changes depending on what's going on, but today...(phooey)'s budgets. When I was asked to apply for my current position there was nothing - nada - written anywhere about having to do budgets. Now, for the record, I CAN do budgets (seriously, you gotta save some cash for fabric, right?) but I don't prefer to do them.

So after a meeting with our very nice and very helpful budget officer I came home with my stack of folders and set out to work on the budgets. And because it is Friday afternoon (which isn't helping) I have a bad case of squirrel brain. As in the movie UP!, where Doug the dog gets distracted by squirrels - squirrel??? Let me make this relatable - you know how you have ___ projects started already but you see something online or at a shop and you just have to start that right now? That's me, this afternoon, with budgets.

"Hmm, the sun is out, I should get some photos"
"Oh, maybe it's warm enough to BBQ, I should go pick up some steaks"
"I should get that meeting set up"
"I could throw in some laundry while I'm doing this"
"Hey, after I get the photos taken, I could blog"

Which brings me here:

This, as you can see, clearly has nothing to do with budgets. These are a couple more 4x5 blocks for my hive-mates; I hope they will like them.

And now, I need to go pick up some steaks get back to my budgets.

Happy Friday, everyone.



  1. Well, those "budgets" you've been making are beautiful!

  2. oh, I can totally relate! My home office and sewing studio are in the same room :-/

  3. Nice job on the Flying Geese. You really are into those Modern fabrics. I think they would be prettier in TB or KT fabrics. LOL!

    Linda Z

  4. These are so pretty! Have fun ; )