Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What goes around comes around...

...otherwise known (today) as Tuesday at the Table!

This was my lunch:

The photo doesn't do it justice, though I would have to say I think split pea soup has probably posed a challenge to more than one food stylist. This soup was absolutely delicious and came to me courtesy of my daughter.  There's a story...

A couple weeks back I made ham for Sunday dinner. I followed Gordon Ramsay's recipe which called for me to boil the ham in a big old stock pot of water decorated up with a few aromatics. After it simmered for the prescribed time, I glazed it and baked it off in the oven (it was delicious). Youngest daughter called dibs on the hambone before my roast even made it to the oven. After I had pulled the ham out, I noticed the broth it had been simmering in looked very rich and smelled amazing. Knowing she wanted the bone for making split pea soup, I asked her if she wanted the broth as well. She happily took it and today, she brought me back my empty containers and my own serving of her wonderful soup!

I might have to bake a ham more often.

Linking up to Tuesday at the Table today.


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  1. oh that sounds good! I love split pea soup! So glad your going to link to T@tT!