Friday, January 11, 2013


It has snowed up a storm here over the past twenty-four hours and I, for one, am sure not going outdoors without my mittens on! But...maybe not these ones...

This is my second finished project of the new year. The pattern is from a tutorial over at Sew4Home and the fabric and fixins' are from my stash. The directions are great; the trickiest part is making sure to clip/grade the seam allowances enough - there is lots of padding inside to keep those fingers from getting burned!

These have been made for someone specific. I usually bake up a storm in December so that we have lots of Christmas goodies around the house - we're talking bring out the big Tupperware here! This year, however, I'm not sure how time got away, but it did, and I had only a single batch of butter tarts to fill up my baking cupboard. On Christmas Eve the doorbell rang, and we opened the door to find a a guy who works with my husband standing there holding a huge tray of Christmas baking. He brought it over to my husband to say thank you for the work and for the friendship. I was so touched! I loved that a) he came over - without setting a date weeks in advance or making sure it was convenient (remember when our parents stopped in at neighbour's for coffee all the time?) and b) it was like a gift straight from heaven to get that baking. There were so many varieties of beautiful, homemade goodness on that tray. He told us when they used to farm back in Saskatchewan, it was tough to make ends meet so he and his wife would bake all these goodies and then go sell these trays at farmer's markets and craft fairs to help bring in some extra income. We thoroughly enjoyed this very special blessing!

So, I'm thinking they probably gave their oven mitts and potholders a good workout getting all those treats made so maybe a fresh set is in order. And I hope the warmth they feel when they use them is our gratitude and appreciation - and not a too-hot baking pan!).

And while I'm at it, I'll link up with Tuesday at the Table - make sure to go visit Deb's excellent blog!



  1. What a lovely story and beautiful mitts!

  2. I had this tutorial already saved, but haven't tried them yet. So glad to hear that you like them. Maybe I'll get to them soon. Thanks for sharing your story about the unexpected Christmas baking.

  3. great mitts & lovely story! I'd love it if you linked up to Tuesday at the Table!

  4. Next year could you have him drop by my house. Great job on the mits and very useful for sure.

    Linda Z