Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow my goodness!

Here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our weather can be quite unpredictable. It is totally normal to have snow in the morning and sunshine and warm temperatures by late afternoon. Obviously, this is not our every day weather, but it happens.
Yesterday, it started snowing in the afternoon and by this morning, a good amount had accumulated. I don't know how much, but the forecast said we may see as much as 40cm by Sunday - that would be about 16". Fortunately, we live in an area that is used to experiencing winter and we have the appropriate equipment and clothing. It might take us a bit longer to get around, but we have nothing to complain about. I feel so badly for the people affected by Sandy and again by the storm this week; I cannot imagine going without power, heat, and water. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
My finished project goes along nicely with the weather:
I have been taking quilting fairly seriously for about eight years now; at first, I really loved the traditional, muddier colours like you get with Thimbleberries, Jo Morton, or Kansas Troubles. The prints and colours are lovely and they all look so nice together, even if you pull from collections which are several seasons or even years apart. Then, one day a couple years ago, I was looking at blogs and I realized I really, really liked the colours and desgns being put forward by the modern quilting community and so, my stash began to take on a different character. I still have lots of lovely, traditional fabric, so I was very happy when one my daughters asked me for a tree skirt in these darker colours. The pattern for this tree skirt is by Buggy Barn and it is quite fun to make. I think it would look great in a modern colour scheme, like red & aqua, or pink, red & green.
Daughter dear is very pleased with it. It is kind of fun having both my girls married and setting up their own household this year - it gives me lots of ideas and opportunity to make things for them. I was on a Pyrex hunt at a local thrift store earlier this week and noticed they had put up a gorgeous Christmas display. There must be at least 40 trees to choose from, in all shapes and sizes! And most of them are in really good shape AND - they are very affordable. Both newlywed daughters were excited to hear this and plan to pick out a tree this weekend. I would never have thought the store would have that sort of thing but I am really glad I saw it.
I started another Christmas project last night - so excited to have a long weekend and, hopefully, lots of time in the sewing room!


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  2. Oh I love it! Might have to make it in some solids. I liked reading your quilting transformation and it looks like from the rest of your blog that you went with it!

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