Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday at the [newlyweds'] table

Our newly married daughter and her husband hosted their first family dinner at their new place on Sunday. It was my first time seeing their apartment and I love how they have set it up and really made it a home - they look comfortable and happy!

Dinner was homemade pizza and homemade chocolate cake for dessert - yum! The reviews were good all 'round.

You can see there is a bare table underneath the plates and all that food. She made sure to point that out to me and has asked for a table runner or placements or "whatever you think would look good, mom". This is the table she bought for herself at Ikea when she moved away for university last year. Even though her dorm apartment was not very big she is my girl who insists that meals are eaten properly - at the table! The table works perfectly in their apartment and they even picked up a couple folding chairs so they have enough seating to go around!

It was wonderful being able to enjoy dinner at their place. They entertained with ease and put on an enjoyable evening - we are so proud of them!

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  1. oh how sweet! That's the first thing I made my girl after she was married too. Yay for making eating together a priority.