Monday, August 20, 2012


My daughter trailed along with me to the quilt shop a couple weeks ago when I went to pick out the binding for her wedding quilt. We happened upon a sale (30% off - woo hoo!) so I suggested a few fabrics to make a set of pillowcases to go along with the aforementioned quilt. She said she would pick some, but only if I let her do the sewing. Umm, sure - and in my mind, I was thinking "like that's going to happen"! Moving forward, she settled upon these two prints from Lucy's Crab Shack, which is a very cute line.  She is being a bit of a stinker in selecting the bicycles, however, because her sweet fiancee is leery of bikes. A few years back, he had a bad crash while riding his bike and he ended up breaking his femur - ouch! 

Me: Should you really pick the bikes? Isn't that kind of mean?
Her: Yup! (evil grin!)
Me: You don't always have to be like me, you know
Her: Yup!

Poor guy has a long life ahead of him, I'm thinking....

Oh, and you can probably guess, she didn't get around to sewing them, which is okay by me as I quite like making pillowcases. I like how I can get a couple fabrics together, do a bit of cutting, sewing, and pressing and having something nice AND useful to show for less than an hour of work. I don't remember where I first saw the pillowcase tutorial, but it's a great method and I love how neat and tidy all the seams end up looking when I am done.

The wedding is on Friday and we are more and more ready each day. I am looking forward to having our family and friends celebrate this very happy event with us but wow, it's going to be a busy week!

Happy Monday.



  1. These are darling! Happy dreaming to them.

  2. Very sweet post! Fun pillowcases too. Have an awesome wedding!