Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer scraps

I have started on my daughters wedding quilt but am waiting on a few bits of fabric to arrive, which leaves me in a bit of a hold pattern there. I definitely have a short attention span and have no problem at all starting something new. It isn't because I don't like what I am working on; it's usually because I see something else which causes me to say "oooooh, aaaaah!" and off I go. So, I was in that restless place a couple nights ago and started pulling fabrics to make a lap size quilt. I should probably state I have no business doing that as I have several unfinished ones I could work on, but somehow, they aren't calling to me right now. I think they take more concentration than my brain was willing to engage in.

Then I remembered a tutorial I saw over at Sew4Home and realized that was what I felt like working on. My scrap basket is pretty big and I wondered if I could pull everything I needed for the runner from there and, sure enough, I could!

It is very windy here this evening (okay, it is windy here frequently) and my efforts to catch a photo of the runner laid out flat were thwarted numerous times by a gust at just the right moment, so I laid it out on the front step. The runner is part of a series Sew4Home did recently called Kitchen Confections, which offered several tutorials for table linens and other kitchen-related projects. It was very easy to follow. The fabric in the centre reminds me of the floral tablecloths my mom used to put on our kitchen table. I think she would have liked this runner a lot.

Now I am off to make a quilt sandwich and get this ready for quilting. I have leftover pieces of batting and backing fabric just waiting for a project like this to come along!

Happy Wednesday.


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