Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Flurries

Here in southern Alberta, we expect almost anything when it comes to weather. Forecasts serve more as reminders of our unpredictable climate as opposed to anything to plan our lives by. This past weekend, the forecasters warned of snow flurries. Sigh. I'm never ready for snow. More correctly, I'm never ready for icy walkways and roads. As it happened, however, the snowfall I'd anticipated never materialized (thankfully!) though we had some blowing snow one afternoon.

Not that I ever need weather as an excuse to sew, but something about it being dark and blustery outside makes me want to hunker down in the sewing room with a good project. I seem to have difficulty concentrating on a single project at a time. Have you seen the movie Up! where that little dog is always being distracted by squirrels? That's me when it comes to projects. Some months ago, my husband took me to a quilt shop and told me to pick out the fabrics to make something I'd enjoy, as my Mother's Day gift. One of the samples on display was a simple quilt made from the Moda candy bar precuts so I chose that as my gift (which I promie, I WILL get working on soon). The pattern can be made just as easily from charm packs and one evening, I was inspired to use my Flurry charm packs to whip up a Christmas version of the same quilt. I got it all cut out and started piecing it, then I felt guilty for having abandoned a couple other projects midstream. I set my new project aside and went back to my other projects, but wouldn't you know, those darn pieces were all over my small sewing space and just kept getting in the way. The logical thing to do, of course, was to finish up that Flurry quilt top so it could be moved out of the way. 

I guess you could say the weekend forecast was all wrong; the flurries I was expecting didn't happen while the unplanned Flurry ended up coming together after all. The result of my "justified sewing room clean-up" is the top in the photo below. I honestly need to set the top aside and set my mind to other projects just now, but I'm hoping to get this one quilted up in time for Christmas. I'm thinking my son and daughter-in-law might like it for their new apartment.

I'm heading out of town on business for a couple of days so there won't be much going on in the way of projects - forecasted or otherwise. I'm packing a book (okay, and a ton of marking) and making plans to stay tucked into my hotel room for an uninterrupted "me time". 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful! Sometimes you just have to let your creativity flow.

  2. Love flurry! And when I realized it really was ok not to be a 'monogomous' quilter, the quilting world just opened up for me. I get so much motivation by having several(!) projects going at once! Can't wait to see how you quilt this up.

  3. Beautiful! I love your fabric choices!

  4. Wow - what a stunning quilt! Really shows off the fabric to great effect. Very eye-catching!