Monday, November 17, 2014

Sew Sisters Blogathon

Hi! Welcome to my little piece of the quilting web. My name is Erica and if you are visiting from the Sew Sisters Blogathon you probably already know I'm from Alberta. Specifically, I'm from southern Alberta where our blast of winter is being carried away by the (not as warm as I'd like) chinook winds right now. I have been sewing and doing needlecraft as long as I can remember but quilting seems to be where it really sticks for me. My husband and I have three children who are all married and moved out on their own so we are now empty nesters running a little bit wild with all our new-found freedom. When I'm not at work and when we aren't trekking off on a trip somewhere I can be be found spending a lot of time in my sewing room. This is my husband and I at a place we frequent often on vacation:

Speaking of my sewing room, I am very excited because we are converting one of the now-empty bedrooms upstairs into a sewing space for me. Having spent many, many years setting up my machine on the end of the dining room table and clearing it each night for supper I've been thrilled to have my own little sewing space in the basement for the past several years; moving into a larger room with natural light and room for a design wall has me practically swooning - it will be like Christmas coming early and over and over again! This is my current space:

 And here is where I'm moving:

Super nice, eh? I'm very excited. We're actually renovating the entire top floor. The carpet will be installed in a couple weeks so we (and by we I mean mostly my hubby) are working to get everything ready for that. After 15 years, three kids and their friends, and several pets it was time for new carpet. Since we're pulling up the flooring anyway, we figured we would paint and - because my husband is a finish carpenter in the real world - we are replacing the half wall in our stairwell with a nice wood and spindle railing (those are some of the wooden parts leaning up against the wall).

Of course my new space requires a bit of outfitting. In my present sewing room I am spoiled having a built in sewing desk and shelving; husband is looking forward to taking that area over for his remote control planes and Go Pro hobbies so the room will go to good use but that means I have to find things that work for me in my new space. So far, I've managed to scope out these:

I need to get out a measuring tape and some graph paper to figure out what will work best - it will probably take a bit of trial and error to get it just right, but I'm up for the challenge!

Thanks for stopping by to visit and I hope you will come again. I have a few projects on the go so you will be able to see I'm a fabric lover just like you are and I actually do get a few quilts made, too!

A big shout-out to our Alberta blogathon hosts:

Kelsey @ Everyday Fray

Leanne @ She Can Quilt

Thanks to all the hosts across Canada as well!  Have a great week, everyone.



  1. Congratulations on renovating a new sewing space. That is so exciting! And yay for handy husbands to do beautiful work in the home. :)

  2. you will love your design wall and your new sewing space

  3. Enjoy your new sewing room! :) I'm still on the Dining room table, with stuff tuck here an there.

  4. Hi! I am visiting on the Blogathon tour. Your new sewing room will be so great. I am happy for you!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your sewing room! :)

  6. A new sewing room with actual natural light sounds exciting! I love your EZ Breezy table runner - great mix of bright cheerful fabrics.

  7. Your room will be amazing once it's done for sure! I saw a peak of a dresden plate in a your previous post - love the colours.

  8. Hello Erica! Wow! This is going to be so amazing to have a room just for your sewing and quilting! Nice!

  9. How exciting! Can't wait for you to have your new sewing space! One of the perks of an otherwise empty nest....

  10. Your new space will be lovely- hope it gives inspiration and helps you feed your creative person. I live in Edmonton and have blogged for a while now ( albeit intermittently these days) We also are empty nesters- our one son lives in Prince Edward Island. I do have an upstairs space but I tend to quilt in the main body of the house most of the time. Enjoy the hop- hope you get to meet lots of new to you quilters and bloggers.

  11. Exciting! I know how much you're going to love having this new space to set up as your sewing space. Wishing you best of luck sorting out the set up and so happy to meet you - we're neighbours. ;o)