Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewvivor - HappyFabric

Guess what? Quilter's aren't all just about 1/4" seams and "which way do you press?" Nope, we can be a lot of fun (and maybe even a little competitive) so when I heard about Sewvivor Season 3: Quilter's Edition over at FamilyEverAfter I just knew I'd have to audition.

There won't be any tropical islands (darn), insect diets (yay), or tricky alliances to work out (double yay!), just lots of sewing and fun. This is my audition post, which means I'm posting this project in hopes of earning one of 16 places in this year's Sewvivor contest. If I am successful I will make several projects over the next few weeks and hopefully not get "voted off the island" too soon.

So here is my entry for Sewvivor:

I like pillows. I like making pillows. My husband might grumble (just a little) every night about having to remove all the pillows from our bed but that doesn't stop me from making more. This pillow is actually a companion piece to a project I have planned for down the road. It is 24" square and filled with a skooshy feather insert - nom!

This pillow features some of my favourite things, not the least of which are the Henna Garden fabrics I have been collecting and stashing - these are just the best stash basics and the colours are yummy.

My pillow also features (organic) channel quilting);

Scrappy black & white binding;

and, a lovely quilted back - I like the body a quilted backing gives to pillows (and aren't those fabrics pretty?)

I'm sure you recognize the pattern as the very popular Nested Churn Dash block from Want it Need it Quilt! (quick and easy to purchase on Craftsy). I love churn dash blocks, especially when there is high contrast between the block and the background.

So there it is, my entry into the big game. We'll find out next week who the lucky contestants will be. No matter what happens, I have an awesome project to show for my time.

Check out all the other auditions over here. And stay tuned to Family Ever After for Sewvivor Season 3: Quilter's Edition.



  1. Best of luck! I auditioned too, though I think it's a long shot! Isn't it nerve-wracking to wait an entire week to find out...

  2. It's so eautiful Erica! I love the straight line quilting

  3. LOVE your pillow and the scrappy black and white is a perfect finish! Good for you for auditioning. I can't wait to follow along!

  4. My what a very pretty pillow!!! I esp love the scrappy black/white binding - a perfect finish to those fabulous colours.

  5. Good luck! Your pillow is lovely, I really like the scrappy black and white binding with it. :)

  6. Such great colors in your nesting churn dash pillow! And I totally love a scrappy binding, too.

  7. I love making cushions too! And I love the nested churn dash!

  8. Such a pretty cushion, Erica! Love the fabrics you chose and the quilting is beautiful! Nicely done!