Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Stash - Jan 26

Welcome to a new week. If you are looking for my Grow Your Blog post it can be found right here.

This is my first time doing a Sunday Stash post. It isn't because I don't buy fabric (I do); it's probably the first time I ever remembered to take pictures of my newest purchases. This was my first time ordering from Mad About Patchwork and I am pleased with the service and with my goods. I have a few favourite online shops and this will definitely become one of them.

Without further ado, here are my acquisitions:

  1. Oranges from Botanics, Pearl Bracelets, and Charley Harper. I wanted so badly to buy the entire line of Botanics and Charley Harper but also wanted to be a bit responsible with my fabric dollars, so I have decided I will buy those prints in the colours I am lowest on in my stash. Right now, the oranges are rather dwindled. I do realize the bottom two read more as tomato red than orange, so perhaps I did a bit of justification but I'm sure in the right light, they could pass for orange.
  2. Neutrals from Botanics, Pearl Bracelets, and Essex Linen. This is more like a chasm than a gap in my stash primarily because I tend to purchase fabric by the half yard - which doesn't help when you run into a project requiring two yards for background. The bottom Botanics is earmarked to become the background for a larger quilt I am hoping to get made for my living room; I think the gold metallic bits will look great with the palette I have in mind.
  3. Charley Harper. This will become a pillow for my living room and a companion piece the quilt I mentioned above.
  4. Catnap by Lizzy House. I ordered cuts of each of the prints they have in stock, six in total.
It was definitely fun getting that package in the mail. I am particularly smitten with the Catnap focus fabric, Kitty Dreams in white.

I made something with it today, already, and I'll have pictures hopefully later this week. This is the first time, ever, where I am seriously contemplating (vs. wishfully thinking) of ordering an entire bolt. In the past, I have fallen for the large scale focus prints from fabric lines but then not really known what to do with them (a cubby in my sewing room attests to this fact). I'm also one to generally steer away from directional prints, so why on earth would I want 15 yards of this? For starters, the scale is great. I would call it medium vs. large, which to me, is much more versatile. There are so many colours in this print which means it could be used to inspire a whole bunch of very different palettes. And seriously, how fun would this be as a quilt backing?

That wraps up my stash post. I'm linking up with Sarah!

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  1. Fun fabric! I've purchased partial bolts to solids before, but never a print - sounds fun tho!

  2. Yummy additions! Lovin' that Charlie Harper! Pam is great. I love Mad About Patchwork!!!

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I can appreciate just how lovely those fabrics are because the majority of them recently found themselves in my stash!

  4. Love all of these! You have great taste!

  5. Oh wow! Great picks!! I like that cat print too, more than I thought I would because I'm not much of a cat person. :) But there are so many other cute motifs going on, and plenty of white space. You're right, it would make a great backing. And I really love the brown mice one. So seriously cute.