Sunday, December 15, 2013

Stocking...and a Giveaway Day winner!

I'll do the winner part first. Congratulations to Redzshadow who was commenter #23 - the Random Number Generator's pick - on my Giveaway Day post. Redz suggested my polar bear themed zipper pouch would be great for holding a sketch book and pens. I will get it ready for mailing and I hope you enjoy it, Redz!

One of our favourite traditions around here is filling the Christmas stockings and then opening them together (in our pj's, of course) on Christmas morning. Last year, I made some new ones when we added the son-in-laws to our family. This year, one of my girls asked if she could have an updated one that would "go with", but not "match" the one I made for her husband. I went back to my trusty polar bears and came up with this:

(And can I just add I look forward to the days growing longer again so we can get some decent light for photos!)

I used Imagine Gnats' Falling Flakes stocking tutorial as an inspiration. It is a very simple tutorial to follow along and it came together really quickly. Daughter dearest approves. Here are the two stockings "going with" each other:

Both stockings have Laurie Wisbrun's fun polar bear print in common and a bit of red and gray colouring - both ready to be filled and enjoyed come Christmas morning!

And, speaking of Christmas, some of the local wildlife have become quite enamoured with our tree:

Suki is excited for Christmas, too!



  1. Beautiful stockings Erica. I used that tutorial last year and need to make another soon for this Christmas .

  2. Love your stockings! I used this pattern for our daughter in law last Christmas too! ;-) Love the kitty photo - looks just like our kitty (now gone-snif) and he loved laying under the tree....

  3. such a funny picture of your cat and a very beautiful stocking you made =)
    congrats to lucky Redz =)
    Merry Christmas

  4. Love those Christmas stockings, especially the Laurie Wisburn print! They're a big deal in our household too! Kind of makes me wish I hadn't shied away from buying the polar bears (I bought the coordinating prints instead!)