Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day: September!

September is my favourite month. It always has been. I'm not sure why because I love so many other times of the year as well but I was definitely one of those people who loved school, and getting a whole bunch of new school supplies to sharpen, organized, and label was always a very exciting time for me! And now I work at a college and for us, school starts again the Wednesday after Labour Day each year and there is always an excited energy in the air which is kind of neat to be a part of!

I have had a great few weeks at work and I even managed to sew a fair bit, but I don't have anything to show because I loaned out my camera to my daughter so she could take it on her field school course - she's not back until Tuesday. I'm really, really hoping she doesn't leave my camera out in the woods as a gift to one tree or another (like she did with the last camera I got her, and the last water you see a trend?). I am a big fan of trees but I am quite certain they are not hankering after my Nikon so Eryn, if you're reading this, please bring my camera home!

In lieu of fabric and quilt-friendly photos, I bring you this masterpiece taken with my phone around noon today:

No, it isn't a dust bunny gone wild (although I've seen a few come close), it's a bat. I don't know what type of bat as my naturalist is out in the woods somewhere (hopefully still with my camera) but it isn't very large at all and it appears to be quite content just hanging around outside our front door. I checked when it started getting dark - assuming it would be gone - and found it had moved into the corner. It looks very content (and almost cute) so as long as it doesn't bother us, I don't plan to bother it.

I did celebrate Fresh Sewing Day and the first day of National Sewing Month by tidying and organizing in my sewing room. As of September 1 my job description has changed so that I am now only responsible for 1.0 full time positions (instead of the 2.8 I was trying to hold down - all of the moms get what that is like!) and I want to celebrate by making my sewing space as accomplishment-friendly as it can be. I absolutely have some kind of sewing ADHD and had many (I won't admit HOW many) projects started all over the place. In fact, as I cleaned up, there was one or two I had forgotten about. Every time I'd go to sew, I'd be so overwhelmed by it all that the best answer (here's quilter's logic for you) I'd start something new! I am fairly certain I'm not the only one to have done something like that. As of this evening my work surfaces are cleared and my projects have been gathered and organized into plastic storage bags and placed on the shelf for when I am truly ready to focus on them and get them done. Yay for a fresh start on Fresh Sewing Day!

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  1. Aren't phones amazing these days?! I still don't have one....

  2. I hope your camera finds the way home to you. I have a daughter like that too. Gotta love them, quirks and all. You aren't alone in your SADD (sewing ADD). I have too many WIPs to mention (don't think I have admitted to all of them). And just last night started a cross stitch project.