Tuesday, June 11, 2013

City Sampler and Keepin' It Real

Without further adieu, I give you blocks 7, 8, and 9:

Scale is a big deal for me. I'm not saying I always get it right, but I do try to choose fabric with an appropriate scale for the size of the piece and/or block. I think it's especially important in these sampler blocks. I'm thinking about writing a post on that, one day.

Other than the blocks, I got nothin'. I think I know why.

Phhhhttttt! My sewing room is 9' x 6' and includes my laundry. I am so very, very blessed to be married to a finish carpenter (trim carpenter, in some vernaculars) and he built me a countertop over my washer and dryer and the shelving. The tall, skinny piece of wood in the middle of the shelf is actually a hinged door - it hides the dryer vent hose! The trick to making my small space work is I need to keep it clean. Because I'm a nice mom and I'm letting my offspring move in so they can save to buy a house, my short-lived plan to move my sewing room to her recently vacated bedroom is being reversed. Furthermore, because my other offspring is moving in so she can finish university while her husband moves for his DOT position up north, hubby and I are...moving to the basement. We are so not interested in sharing our upstairs with two newly-wedded couples. True story. Our basement is finished and actually quite nice, so we're okay with this plan. It does mean my office is being displaced and is now moving into my sewing room as well so things are getting a little out of hand, and I really need to spend some time cleaning it before the actual moves occur at the end of this month. My hope in posting this is that anyone else living in sewing room chaos will instantly feel better about themselves after seeing this!



  1. Wow you ARE a nice mom! I know what you mean about scale for these blocks. I'm a little behind on the quilt-along, but for the blocks I made so far I've definitely been reaching more for small-medium scale fabric, but I wonder if I'm just being timid. I'd be interested to hear more about your thoughts on it.

  2. Here via the blog hop - holy cow!! You are so nice, I would go crazy!! I'm very intrigued to hear updates on how the tiny sewing area ends up working...people do it, but the problem is (as you said), you have to put your stuff away! I am NOT good at that.

  3. I'm here looking around at the blog hop too! Nice blocks! You are either too kind or a bit mad ! Ha ha! But seriously it is nice to have a good relationship with your adult offspring isn't it!