Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Low Vol-Yum!

A local quilt shop had a sale on last week and I was happy to help them out by picking up a few pieces of low volume fabric - something which seems to be missing in my stash.

These pretties are from a few lines and I really like how nicely they play together.

Spring teased us last week by bringing sunshine and warm temperatures but the weekend brought more snow. And wind. Nobody would call Chicago "the windy city" after spending any time here. The good thing is the wind takes away the snow and brings another promise for spring - I'm sure hoping it sticks around a bit longer this time!

Today is Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily's Quilts. I usually remember about it on the 2nd of the month or something like that. It's a day quilters show off what they have been working on for the past month. In my case, there isn't much to show except for a couple of bee blocks and my churn dash quilt for Do. Good Stitches. Still, I'm so thankful I had time to enjoy what I love doing, and I am excited to link up and play along!

Wishing everyone a good May!



  1. Low vol- yum! Genius. Your churn dash is lovely

  2. Excellent title for a post and lovely fabric too! Really like the bikes.

  3. Love those bikes - what great finds!

  4. Lovely fabrics, simple but very pretty.

  5. Love your pictures! I really need to take better pictures (my iPad is not the correct tool) I love the bike fabric I've wanted that one for awhile just haven't got around to purchasing it!

  6. Isn't it satisfying to know that a sale not only helps us but the shop as well - I am always generous to the need for my LQSs to get through fabric, especially when it is on sale:) I love the low-volume bunch and in retrospect I also need to add/create a little low-volume stash. Your churn dash looks great as well - I have always wanted to make that pattern.

  7. I do like your churn dash. And I'd love to help my LQS help me take more low volume home.