Thursday, May 16, 2013

Block 28

A few weeks back I saw Tula Pink's City Sampler book featured on her Facebook page. You could order the book, or you could order the book plus a set of fat eights to get you started on the project. It took me all of thirty seconds to succumb to that temptation...

The book is absolutely gorgeous. Each of the blocks is hand drawn and coloured in; it takes me back to a fresh package of newly sharpened pencil crayons at the start of a school year. Back when you use one, then put it ever so carefully back in the exact spot it came from. Anyway, the book is just lovely.

A City Sampler quilt along gets going on Monday (yay - Victoria Day holiday here in Canada!) but I really wanted to try something out before then.

So easy. And very fast. Oh, it's not a sampler block, but you probably figured that out already. I didn't quite have a vision, yet, of the quilt I wanted to create and didn't want to just make some random block, either. Fortunately for me, my daughters and daughter-in-law are all relatively newly married and happily feathering their little nests so throw pillows are a well-received item in these parts. Eldest daughter (by all of 6 minutes - it's very important to her for people to know that) chose the print from my bundle of fat eighths and I added in the solids. I tripled the block measurements to get an 18" finished block. The quilting inspiration comes straight from the book, slightly modified to match the scale of the pillow.

Since I had all my girls here over the weekend, I told them each to pick out a favourite print or palette form the bundle, so there are a few more pillows coming. Good thing. Work is super busy right now so having quick projects like this satisfies my urge to sew and be creative and works with the time I have. I've been thinking it would be neat to make a quilt top of 18" sampler blocks. I'm keeping that idea in the back of my mind!

And, my muse has spoken....I have my inspiration for the City Sampler quilt along, too. Looking forward to getting started next week. Come join us!


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