Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#1, 2, 3...City Sampler!

It is an exciting week because it is time to post the first blocks for Sew Sweetness' Tula Pink City Sampler Sewalong (that's a lot of words!). I showed my palette last week and this week, I set about sewing my first blocks.

Let me introduce you to Block 1:

Here is Block 2. Now, I have to tell you, poor Block 2 is not nearly as hypoxic as it looks. It was a cloudy morning when I took these photos and the colour just didn't come out nicely. Those printed logs are actually a gorgeous Tula print and Joel's Dewberry's indigo Nap Sack. I promise, Block 2 is much nicer in person.

And Block 3:

The blocks are very simple to sew but they are little (finishing at 6 1/2") so they will look best with seams sewn as precisely as possible (so, maybe wait to sip that glass of Merlot until after your sewing session, just sayin').

Long ways to go to make 100 blocks, but I've enjoyed the process very much so far. Linking up to Sew Sweetness TP City Sampler Sewalong!



  1. oh what nice blocks! I like where you're going alot!

  2. I just can't believe how much your taste in fabrics has changed. Your blocks look nice, but 100 is a lot. Are they all different?


  3. I love the centre of block 3!