Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spiderwebs and sunshine!

The sun was out yesterday! Yay! I was very excited. It is trying to peek it's way out today, as well. I love the sunshine and blue skies we typically have in this neck of the woods. Even when it's -35 outside in the winter the sky (usually) looks great!

It wasn't that cold here yesterday, however, which was good because I was excited to be able to take a half decent photo of my March do.Good Stitches blocks. Laura is our fearless leader this month and she requested spiderweb blocks based on this tutorial in a palette of navy, purple, and bits of raspberry.

I don't have a lot of navy although it is a colour I quite like. I did manage to scrounge up enough scraps to complete these blocks. This was my first time making a spider web block and I was happily surprised to learn they are not very difficult at all. I was also very grateful to have recently received my January Stash Stack Club shipment from Pink Castle, which provided me with a good purple stash to work with.

Family dinner tonight with all the kids - looking very much forward to it.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


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  1. This is lovely! And aren't those stach stacks helpful! They have really helped round out my stash!