Sunday, March 3, 2013


Oh, hi, is it spring yet? Not really, judging by the blizzard going on outside today. Actually, it has been really nice here (for winter) the past couple of months so even though today's weather was weird (even by our standards), I don't have anything to complain about.

Except bad picture weather. Or bad picture light. Whatever it is. I have a few small bits and pieces to get pictures of but I need sun to cooperate at a time when I'm not busy (I can't blame it all on the sun).

Today, however, I made an exception and snapped a picture inside the house. The reflection from all the snow outside was bright enough to make it work okay, I think. Except I went to find my camera and of course, it wasn't charged, so I whipped out my trusty phone and captured the following:

This is the completed (yay!) wedding quilt for daughter #2 who was married back in November. She came over to pick it up but promised me we could take it outside for a nicer photo when the weather improves - she was just so excited to know it was done and wanted to be able to take it home right away. I have to admit, it is really nice knowing she is so excited to receive it. The pattern is from Out on a Limb designs and I have had it on hand since 2004. My girls and I saw the quilt hanging in a shop when we were out of town visiting family that summer and I purchased the pattern, intending to use it to make a quilt for my bed. You know how that goes....

Anyway, about two years ago youngest daughter asked when I was going to get around to making her quilt and I wondered what on earth she was talking about? Turns out she thought I had purchased the pattern to make the quilt for HER! Hmm....I didn't (and still don't) recall that conversation but since I hadn't gotten around to making it, I figured why not. She wanted a very traditional palette and was inspired by the first French General collection, Rouenneries.

I started to collect fabrics for it but it took awhile as it was a very large quilts and then of course there are always other projects cropping up, calling for my attention - and I am usually only too happy to give them my attention! The quilt is very large and she wanted a wide variety of prints but eventually, I had accumulated enough fabric right about the time she got engaged last year. She told me then she wanted it as her wedding quilt. It wasn't finished on time but she knew that was going to be the case. I picked it up from the machine quilter on Friday and finished handsewing the binding on this afternoon. Oh, I should mention, it is a BIG quilt, measuring in at 88" x 106" - I am so thankful for the efforts of the lady who quilted this for me!

It's nice to be out of hibernation.



  1. Looks very nice!

    The weather/light have been thwarting all my attempts at photography of late as well :D Then it'll be summer and there is so much light all the time that you can't get the right kind of shade to keep things from being over-lit :D

  2. Love it. Glad to see she liked the more Traditional fabrics. LOL! It is a neat pattern and I know she will get lots of use from it. Now on to one for Mom & Dad.

    Linda Z