Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sewing time...

I love going on vacation (I think most people do) but it always seems to keep me away from the sewing room, before and after. I think I'm finally getting caught up enough to spend some time, today, at the sewing machine.

We usually drive over the border and fly out of Great Falls, Montana when we go on vacation. I don't begin to understand airline ticket pricing, but suffice to say fares come out much less expensive if we fly out of the US. For us, the drive is equal to flying out of the nearest major airport here in Canada. Hotels are less expensive, too, and they let us park our car for free while we are away, so factoring everything in, it really is a less costly way for us to go. One of the things I like best about our method is stopping at the post office just inside the U.S. border. We aren't the only Canadians to have a box there, not by a long shot. It is like Christmas morning when we go; I am participating in Pink Chalk Fabric's monthly Charming Solids club. I think the club is sold out, but you can still purchase coordinating solid bundles for each of the lines from their website. I was excited to pick up my first two shipments. I was not disappointed! Each month, I will receive two charm packs and six coordinating fat eights of solid fabric. The January and February installments were waiting for me.

Domestic Bliss and Good Fortune, both by Moda.

I am in a big quilt phase right now. I am not much for putting small quilts on my tables and walls - I don't really have the surfaces and it's just not my taste. I like lap size and bigger quilts which can be used. With cats, dogs, and people there is always someone looking for something to burrow under. I have a couple ideas for these charm packs; as usual, more ideas and inspiration than time! I have to finish a couple items with deadlines, but then hopefully I'll be back with photos using the above!

Have a great week.


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  1. great fabrics! I love Pink Chalk. I just joined the new solid club....