Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two more sleeps

My husband and I are going on a holiday soon! This weekend, we'll make our way to the city we'll be flying out of and then catch flights which will take us south so that we can get on a cruise ship which will take us even further south! We've never been on a cruise before but everybody we know who has been on one has given us enthusiastic and positive reviews.

I haven't started packing yet, but I did make a new zipper bag in honour of us actually checking luggage for a change. Our holiday involves a few days on land after we get off the ship  - need some room for a few extra clothes and maybe some shopping. Since I didn't have to pack my >100 ml products in a Ziploc bag for a change I thought it might be a nice to treat myself 
to a new toiletry bag.

The pattern is the Zippy Strippy bag by Terry Atkinson. Just like her well-known Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern, this bag is also simple and quick to make. I used scraps of fabric and batting and it probably took less than one hour to make; I didn't track my time spent but I know I puttered at it in my spare moments over a couple of nights this week. Since there weren't that many spare moments, logic says the bag didn't take that long. The directions for putting in the zipper make it a simple task and it looks really good.

Need to get to bed; the sooner I do, the sooner it will be only 1 more sleep!


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