Friday, February 10, 2012

Swoon update

Oh dear, I haven't been doing very well keeping up here the last week, it would seem. The trouble is I haven't finished anything therefore, I have not had any pictures and I don't want to put up a blog post that doesn't have a picture. 

Swoon block 8 is complete. The blue multicolour print is Central Park by Kate Spain and the orange dotted line/stripe fabric is....I don't know. The selvage said Hokkoh and the piece I have was part of a half-yard bundle purchased from Sew, Mama, Sew a couple summers ago. It reminds me of a lawn chair. I really like it and I promise, the colours are better in person. It was very grey (not to mention cold) here today. I should have gone outside to take the photo but...did I mention it was cold? So, I didn't.

I have the last block cut out and have started sewing it together. I might finish tonight but we'll see. A week tomorrow, my husband and I are leaving for warmer climes and I have some work projects which need to be finished up before I leave so I am prioritizing my time, accordingly. If I am able to make some time I hope to make a couple of zipper pouches (for makeup, sunscreen, etc.) and maybe even an iPad sleeve because the one I bought when I first got it is a little bit boring. Having said that, if I don't get any of those things accomplished I am still going to have a wonderful trip!

I like Friday nights, even if I do spend them on "work" stuff. They are relaxing and it's exciting thinking the weekend lies in front of me!

Happy Friday.


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